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Growing up in Southern California, Tim Burgess was always fascinated by the 1960s surf culture. Though he was only a child, he could tell this was not a Beach Blanket Bingo world. Beneath the innocent surface of the sun and the sand lurked a dark and dangerous undercurrent. The setting, he realized, would be perfect for a mystery series. The Never-Ending Swell and California Son are the first two books in the Liam Sol Mystery Series.

Tim grew up in West Covina, CA. and graduated from Cal Poly, Pomona–Go Broncos!
His short stories have appeared in Thievesjargon.com and CrimeSceneScotland.com.

Find Tim on Twitter: @TheTimBurgess


  1. ron stocking · · Reply

    U nightmare friend is stalking u. Lol. Love the site tim. Congrats

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  2. Patricia Jeske Vetrhus · · Reply

    Nice bio Tim, great picture! Recovering catholic lol, but at least we were pointed to Jesus. (: Best wishes on this new chapter in life, and hope to catch you at a book signing one of these days!

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  3. First of all, Kris told me about your book. Then I bought it through my Nook, then I told my father-in-law about it, then he bought it….we’ll just keep paying it forward. Liam is a great character. It has to be an upward trajectory for him, I hope — poor guy has been through the wringer! The only criticism I have is that I wish it were 300 pages longer, but since you’re working on a sequel, I shall be patient. Keep ’em coming, Tim.

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  4. Tom Robinson · · Reply

    Very cool Burg! I didnt recognize the “Timothy” on the cover, you’ll always be Tim. Looking forward to the next one… i miss hanging out with you on your corner.

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